Thursday, October 13, 2016

Do You Need a Building Permit?

A lot of homeowners and small business owners ask me if going through the time and expense of 
getting a building permit is really necessary for their project, even if it is legally required. The answer is yes, and here's why:

If you're caught, it could cost a lot more than the price of a building permit. Let's get the nasty one over with first. We'd like to think that most New Hampshire municipalities won't throw the book at you, but it's certainly better to be on the safe side. And the point is that legally they have the right to impose the consequences if you choose not to follow the law.

Building permits are actually there for a good reason. Have you ever had to stop quickly in a downtown area because suddenly there was a truck parked sideways across the street in front of you? This is one of many dangerous situations that happen because towns have not always issued building permits. In this case someone built their loading dock too close to the street. Those laws are not put there to harass property owners or infringe on your rights; your town just needs a way to coordinate the rights of all the different people who could be affected by all its building projects over the years.