Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Best Time of Year to Hire a New Hampshire Renovation Contractor

In New Hampshire, the best time of year to hire a contractor for renovations is late December and January. On average, you get the best value for your money at this time of year, along with the best
selection of contractors and the most scheduling choices.

We've found that most homeowners don't plan ahead. If there's good-weather work to be done on the outside of a house, a typical homeowner will wait until good weather comes and then call a contractor. So contractors are flooded with calls, and (as a hedge against lean times) choose the most profitable jobs. The homeowner pays a premium price, and even then is often put on a waiting list.

In late December and January many contractors experience a lull in their work. We're still busy, partly because we had such a long waiting list, but that's not always the case at this time of year. Generally speaking, if you call now, you're more likely to get the work done when it works for you, and get the best price, too.

There are three kinds of jobs you'll want to line up at this time of year:

  1. Indoor work. Kitchen upgrades, interior repairs, closet reconfigurations, etc., can be done any time of year. But in warm weather, your indoor project has to compete with roofs and other fair-weather work.
  2. Outdoor work. Call before the rush and schedule your warm-weather project, and you'll get in ahead of the procrastinators.
  3. Storm work. Just as you wouldn't wait until it snows to find someone to plow your driveway, you shouldn't wait to find someone for roof shoveling. The same goes for post-storm repairs. If you're on a storm work reserve list, you'll have someone to take care of your house if anything should happen.
Of course, whenever you call a contractor, you should do your homework. Click here for some tips on finding the right contractor for your project:

Best value for the money

Best selection of contractors

Best choice of scheduling

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